Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Happy birthday hubby!

Yes, it's another chocolate cake to mark yet another year gone by! Celebrated in town at Texas Bar and Restaurant... invited tons of Martin's friends but told him that it was another friend's going away party as they were migrating to Sydney for good. He almost bought the story until some of his friends dropped him some really heavy hints!!! but all in good humour. silly man wasnt even going to show at one point cos he had a company fishing trip the next mornin with an obscene wake up call... haha i had to phone his boss to talk him into going to the dinner n gettin to the marina later than usual... phew! imagine a surprise birthday dinner with no birthday boy!!!! lol... my gift of the gab would surely be put to good use then!

Anyway, thanks to ya'all who showed up and made Martin feel young and carefree again.. hehe.. we haven't had a good sit down dinner with friends and family in such a long time... but for me the highlight was the after party cos while martin headed home, we got our lil bums across the road to a pub called Shenannigan's and partied till Cinderella's hour! I even played pool n practically beat the guy! gosh i miss my single n carefree days but at the same time my children are the centre of my universe now! Overall, we had a bloody good time and to Ivy, Kevin & baby Sean, all the best in Sydney, and we hope to drop by for coffee one day not too far in the future! PS tons of pics on FB.

Sistas in crime!
Cheers Ivy... enjoy your new life n dont forget us!
Aloysia n I, best buds!!!

Sisters!!! (younger sexy sister Audrey (moi!), hot chick sister-in-law-to-be Joeanne & hot mama tai-ka-jier Michelle! & Dowager Empress Belinda!
Like my dress?
Tequila shots at the after party!
Just the girls ... *wolf whistles!


Miss Mathew said...

Happy belated bday Martin!!!

& to the gurls...*wolf whistles!* ;)

Fely said...

Happy Birthday Martin!! Audrey, that dress is to die for!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Martin! Great party and you look georgeous, Audrey. Besra is so beautiful, and Lanner is growing up fast!
p/s: Happy to know that I can leave comment now!!

Audrey and Martin Wiles said...

Thanks fely... ;-) cost only 10 pounds! can u beat that in UK? lol..

hey sham... great to see u here, nice to know u'r still checkin up on me... hehe.. when r u gonna start bloggin?! wanna know all abt your life in belgique!

Anonymous said...

hahah, still thinking about blogging. Just that there's nothing to tell about my life here in Belgique! it's so boring!!!