Thursday, November 13, 2008

home.. as of nov 2008!!!

This is what home looks like as of this month.. the piling has long since been done, the foundation laid, the pillars erected and now they are building the base of the 1st floor... what they do is they somehow manipulate steel rods to make the skeleton of the floor but they do it about 3 feet raises first, martin says so they dont break their backs, then we guess they will lower it into the 1st floor before dumping tons of cement on it then finally we will have a floor to walk on! next up which the contractor says will start at the end of the month is the intricate roofing work... yay!

will have a home to be proud of soon and everyone's invited!!! there'll be plenty of guest rooms and we welcome everyone to come over and stay with us... and now with cheap longhaul flights available soon, everyone can fly! ;-) anyway, just thought you guys would like to know our progress in the home dept. hugs n kisses to all! cheerios!

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Sister Sharon said...

Coming along nicely, still can't quite see my room tho'!