Saturday, July 17, 2010

Martin's recent fishing exploits..

Labuan International Fishing Tournament this year.. 27kg grouper.. didnt enter in the prize but we did manage to sell the fish for a good price.. :) no way am i gonna clean that thing!

on the same tourney he also caught two huge escolars or otherwise known as oilfish with razor spiny spikes all over its body. one way 40 and the other 20kgs

Matin's big catch at the Sabah International Fishing Tournament. a 4kg puffa fish! quite cute really.. hehe he'd make a mint if he were in japan!

Another newbie.. a hairtail fish.. i like the bright silver colour and its 'parang' like shape.

This year has been a year of interesting fish caught. Some very nice firsts for martin as you can see from these pics. ;-) If you didnt know, he's on the executive committee of the Sabah Anglers' Association where he's been elected as Sabah's Angling Master.. A large group of anglers came from Philippines recently and we had a full course Chinese dinner at Winbell restaurant. Half way through the meal Martin was invited to give the phil anglers some pointers in fishing sabah waters and he did so brilliantly.. hehe Well Done, honey!


escape2 said...

martin is definitely settling well in our soil and water kan? bravo

SJB said... big.