Friday, July 23, 2010

Our kids r growing up... ;-)

Both of them love one another and always have fun together.. can u tell by how huge their smiles are?! :)
Besra is my ever-willing cake tester! Here is my pink spongecake with fondant icing. ;)

Lanner being loving.. sighs.. he is growing up sooo fast! soon he wont want to hug his mommy!

n here he is cuddling up to daddykins.. ;-)

Yup.. besra goes to nursery now.. my baby's growing up fast!

Here's how she scored in her mid term exams... she aced all the main subjects and got 3rd in her class! hehe... hw adorable! wonder where she gets her brains from.. ahem.. hehe

She has my genes!!!!! hehe

*clap clap* well done baby girl! keep it up!

Besra and jane doing arts n crafts pottery painting at the kids' club, marina harbour. ;-)

hehe... lanner sure loves mommy!

besra popping bubbles and having a screaming good time on our balcony.. thanks uncle wally n auntie chris for the lovely gift!

Besra took this pic.. she's super clever using the digital camera.. unlike the patriach in the family.. who don't know jack!

Just the 3 of us... ;-)

Besra's first trip with her schoolmates to the local wildlife park.. ;-) can u find her?

All aboard the Besra train! hehehe

Besra said as i was taking my time trying to frame this picture: "Mommy, you suck at this!"

Don't look, it's a nekkid boyyyyyyyyyy!!!!

Two lil sweeties! :) Arts n crafts time!!

Besra doing some arts n crafts with mommy... :) her lil butterfly mask!

Thanks auntie sharon for my pretty dress which fits perfectly! how summery is this!?!?

Lanner having a DIY haircut at home... we r on our balcony... the patch to the right of this pic is the empty pond yet to be completed.. and in the green background somewhere is our river... :) pretty scenic.. i wish i could explain in words just how beautiful this place is... :)


DESS said...

have a nice day...

escape2 said...

great photos of the family. am very impressed with besra's photo of those elephants (just like a pro) and the pink sponge cake. i want!!!

Doria Robert Kawen said...

Yesss...they grow up so fast! It's a great feeling when u see that they finally know how to read, draw and get witty..hehe..
U have a great family,audrey dear,oh and please teach me how to make fondant icing..i wanna trrryyy!

SJB said...

Smart kid.