Thursday, July 29, 2010

Hauntingly perfect.. Neil Young - Like A Hurricane


rainBow said...

Hye there (greetings) :)
would like to ask you a favor, and you don't know me actually, been following ur blog :)

its just i need ur help on a project of mind, not really a project just an informal interview with an english teacher, about issues on reading and stuffs.

we need to call you or video call with you, because we need the evidence of us interviewing you.

we're currently in shah alam, and its quite hard to find an english teacher around here who does not need a letter, its actually an informal one, which is why we do not have the letter.

is it okay with you? no pressure actually :)

and btw we're currently taking tesl subject and its out 5th sem :) thanks in advance.

would be great to hear from u :)

Audrey Wiles said...

hi rainbow.. would be a pleasure to help you with your project. please follow my for the professional side to my life. :) you can highlight aspects of that. i specialise in grammar and MUET. nice to know people out there care what i think. cheers!

rainBow said...

followed oredi :)

then we'll contact you soon for the interview,

will email you the interview's my email (have to have your email first, but i know this is a public place) so hoping you can send me an email first :)

Madison said...

Now I know my name. My name is Robert.

Audrey Wiles said...

Personally, I've come to like the name Francesca... :)