Friday, July 16, 2010

How beautiful is this?

i love my government, my income tax dept.. ;-) hehe.. how beautiful is receiving a cheque u never expected.. with such beautiful numbers>!!!?!?!? heheh.. in chinese 8 means fortune.. hahaha... so i've banked it in... and am waiting to reap the benefits.. gimme suggestions on how to splurge!!! hehe..
on a different note, besra has coined a new term again and it was hilarious... hehe she wanted to say 'sharp' but she didnt remember the word so instead she said: "Mommy, this stone is POINTICATED." mommy ze english teacher is very proud of her and her morphological skills! hehehe..
hahaha.. Lanner is still a stunner. I'll upload more pics in the next blog. just wanted to get this online here n now.. hehehehehe *floats!*

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