Monday, October 09, 2006

Latest updates on Baby n Hubby!

Baby First:
Well just went for a scan on Sat.. and doc says baby is a-o-kay although slightly underweight.. didnt want to pose for a 3D shot so will hv to try again in 2 weeks. Found out for sure now though that the bump bugging me right under my right ribcage is her BUM! gosh and when it contracts every now and then... believe me.. it can get pretty uncomfortable! sighs.. the joys of motherhood.. they tell me it is a divine feeling. we'll see. hehe...

Hubby Next:
Have included 2 pics of him here.. one was taken during the International Labuan Fishing Competition in the Spratly's last April... 50kg Escolar or known locally as oil fish, his biggest fish this year.

The other shot is a 1kg+ Patin (a type of catfish) Martin has been after almost every weekend for the past month or so.. haha. the one that got away was supposedly +/-3kg. we go there quite regular on weekend evenings now.. and the other day i caught 17 fishes and 2 halves but that's a whole other story which we wont get into here.. haha.

anyway, martin is on a high right now, cos he's just been forced by his management to fish for 2 weeks in Layang-Layang (north borneo, deep waters) where he's supposedly escorting 4 marine scientists parked out there to do research or some kind or other. lol.. i imagine there is no 'forcing' involved at all... but i'll definitely miss him seeing as he hasn't been away from home that long since we've been married.. sniff *miss him already! guess will have more to report when he comes back so till then, hugs to all!

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