Friday, January 19, 2007


Christmas has come and gone and 2006 has faded away to make space for a brand new year.. We, the Wiles, have (thankfully!) a new addition to our little family in the name of Marge the helper! for more than 2 months i had been looking after baby (a joyful experience undoubtably but really draining!)all on my own and seeing as i had to work starting 3rd jan, i was really running out of time trying to get a helper! gosh.. u dont know how hard it is to find a helper that fits the who has experience looking after babies, and speaks english! haha. it was either i got one asap or i had to send baby to a nursery at the ripe old age of 2 months! urgh! cant bear the thought.. anyway.. i had to resort to putting an ad in the daily express.. and lo and behold.. my prayers were answered! met up with marge on the 2nd..immediately brought her home.. and now baby has a lovely nanny while i work my sorry butt off! hehe.. she's a philipino lady, 54, with nursing and midwifery qualifications.. so Besra is in fabulous hands! plus she likes a spotless house so all the better! lol.. anyway will post this up first as am unable to upload any picture.. will try again in a bit. hugs to every.. happy new year!!!

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Glyn Gray said...

Hi Martin is's Glyn & Sue we like the photos. Besra is really growing. we must send you some photos of your niece Charlotte sometime soon. Love to you all.