Tuesday, June 05, 2007

My baby girl can really strike a pose!

Baby is now really huge.. 8.5++ kgs.. 7 mths n a week. she loves smiling for daddy's digital camera.. and cos we can take millions of pics literally, we managed to get these priceless shots!

Let's see.. what other cute things does she do? Hmmm.. she likes to continuously suck in her upper lip, not cos she's hungry, but cos she can! you can't really imagine or appreciate it till u see it live!
Plus she still has this thing about projectile vomiting..haha! she's basically taken up where i left off, cos it's no secret that i puked all the way to the day before she was born at seven months. the amazing bit is that everywhere else is pukified.. while she remains spotless with a silly grin on her face as if saying: "Boy, what a relief!"
Anyway, she can sort of roll to the side now but doesnt quite know what to do with her one arm so consequently cant do the full roll.. she can put up her head as in the pics above and smile for the camera though! and she really loves standing if u hold her up.. in fact she demands to stand so she has a better view of the world.. otherwise the whingy monster in her surfaces and that's never a good thing!
All in all, i know i am super biased when i say i have to most adorable, intelligent and gorgeous babe in the whole wide universe!!!!! Yippee!!!!

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roslyn said...

Your baby smiles like you, Audrey... really lights up the place!