Wednesday, August 08, 2007



haha.. ok.. seeing as baby can't really speak yet and the only intelligible sounds she can make is "DADA" i suppose she means happy birthday daddy when she just says "DADA" hehe..

We threw a great BBQ party for him last Sunday, 2 days early cos it's the best time to have a barbie. Loads of people came round from 4pm and the last one didnt leave till late night. Martin is officially 43 years old now.. hehe.. who would have thought! He looks only 34, or so they keep telling us!

Anyway, honey.. you know your house-full of women - mommy, baby, nanny n ballsie the cat - absolutely worship the ground that you walk on.. oh and the same goes for boy-cat! May you be blessed with many more birthdays to come surrounded by your entourage! We love you, honey!

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