Saturday, April 19, 2008

What a trying time for me... sniff

hey hey... its been just sooooo long. i know. but life has been a mega crappy so you'll have to just excuse the absence. it all went downhill mid february after the chinese new year holidays. my ex principal as good as fired me for no good reason except that she openly admitted that she didnt want me to get my promotion. the biatch didnt even listen to my side of the story, in fact she said i deserved no explanation. so i took her threat and went straight to the top man (woman) in this case and she transferred me out to save me from being victimised more. well the new school i'm in now is not much better in the sense that the principal here is chummy with my ex boss and the moment i arrived she insisted there is no place for me so she wrote me a rejection letter. took 2 weeks for the transfers dept to sort it out and they finally agreed that she would accept me on condition that am transferred out in 2 months. sighs.. does it never end? now i'm not even teaching english... instead i'm a home economics teacher teaching cooking and sewing!! what the F*&%! anyway, things arent solved yet cos i'm waiting on the next transfer letter. hopefully i get the school that i'm aiming for that is in papar.. oh and one good news is that the pilings are done at our land in papar. next week or the week after they will start building proper. might just get a house by the end of the year by the looks of it!! weeeeee

anyway.. enuf abt depressin ol me. baby is gorgeous and smart as ever. talks, throws tantrums, cries when i go to work, feeds herself, runs and climbs and best of all.. walks up to you and kisses you right on the lips. the other day she made me cry like a soppy ol momma cos she kept walking away from me, then turning round and launching herself into my arms to give me a great big baby hug! weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ... so proud of my lil girlie!

as for my hero of a husband, he just won first prize for his 12.4kg wahoo in the sabah international fishing tournament last week. won 500 ringgits, and a fishing rod worth abt 250 ringgits but the shite luck was mr gadgetman here accidentally knocked over his buttpad along with his swiss army knife, letherman took kit, torch, knives etc which probably cost more than 2000 ringgits. he was not impressed, believe you me. anyway, proud of my man. he's upholding the Koh end of it cos my family of Kohs are so used to winning competitions and getting their names in the paper.. hence the pressure! LOL.

as for me, other than the appaling conditions of my daytime job, i've been having a brilliant streak when it comes to part time work opportunities. so far i've been published a number of times now for my work as a copywriter for a local advertising agency called Panache! on top of that i've been recalled to serve as a part time lecturer for uni of sabah plus for the past 3 months now i've also been lecturing at Inti college. i've also done script writing for corporate videos. on top of it all i've been invited to be the guest speaker for MUET (form 6 english) for audiences up to 150 people. feels so good to be appreciated. at least other people care a damn abt poor ol me eh. hehe..

ok.. will be including a few pics above. hope to update more regularly from now on. martin will be away for 1 week cos of the labuan international fishing tournament. fingers crossed for him at all times. ;-). hugs all round!

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escape2 said...

shit with all those bad principals! but you are a good it is their loss.