Tuesday, January 06, 2009

I knew it! He's a boy!!!

I'm extremely happy to announce that the wee lil thing that's growing in me is a healthy lil boy! I'm going to be real smug and say 'I told you so!' hehe.. cos even from the very begininning, my gut feeling was 'male'. plus 24 hr sickness started in the 6th week (1st pregnancy: 3rd month) and it hit me with a vengence as you all know (evil pukey monster!)! i was craving beef and a certain four legged animal's innards (gross eh!) most of the time and they say most boy babies makes you turn into a carnivore. i used to love vegetables but now i can't stand the sight or taste of it so i only cook meat for meals now.. hehe.. force myself to eat an apple a day to make sure i am not constipated and man, no wonder the humble apple is dubbed "nature's toothbrush". it really works!

martin is happy but not estatic.. for some strange reason he prefers girls... Besra is daddy's lil girl so i'm excited that i may have a mommy's lil boy soon.. hehe.. but maybe fate will play tricks on me and send them both his way... quite sickening really how i dont exist to Besra when her daddy is around.. at the same time, it's very endearing how much she loves n adores him.. ;-)

as for names, we have one picked out already. Besra is the name of a falcon and so is Lanner. so Lanner it is then. ;-) i'm sure people will confuse it with Leonard but they'll get it eventually. Both are beautiful falcons... in fact, i would encourage them to have a tattoo of the actual falcon when they are old enough so they can show ppl! hehe.. my chinese name is Sui Ean or pretty Swallow (the bird) and i got it tattooed on the right hand side of my back shoulder when i was 22. martin is a name of a bird called: martin. hehe so you can see where our eccentric child-naming skills come from, there's a method to our madness! hehe.

seems like everyone i know is having a boy baby.. alex and jo will have a boy in april, and so will tang and jason, also expecting a boy in april. Lanner is expected in May but i wonder how long this one will stay in.. hehe, hopefully not a premature baby like Besra because the govt hospital experience was akin to hell on earth! sighs... ;-)

anyway, doc couldnt download a nice pic this time, baby is about 10 inches but not very filled out yet.. so probably the next scan will be clearer. hugs to all out there n thanks for taking the time to catch up with us wiles. ;-)

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Doria Robert Kawen said...

hey audrey,
happy new year!
really glad to hear that u'll get a boy soon. so jealous..i m still try harder to get preggie again..sigh..
hheee..i remember the tatoo..i still remember the sound of that thing..drawing tatoo on yer back..
well, take gd care of urself and i love the name Lanner.so unique..