Friday, November 02, 2007

Baby is now One!!

We cant believe it.. a whole year has passed! Seems like just yesterday i popped out a little cutie baby.. got stuck 4 days at the neonatal ICU n then brought baby Besra lovingly home... and now she's ONE!

We had a little party at home on the 26th.. just me, baby and the nanny cos daddy was off fishing again.. no worries cos we had planned a pool party for her on the 28th Sunday at martin's ex-workplace and what a party that was!

I bought her a lovely pink and silver tiara and a pink butterfly wand to go with it as can be seen in the pics.. and on her actual birthday Marji and i sang Happy Birthday and at the end of the song baby used her magic wand to 'swipe' out the candle! it was hilariously amazing! i cant put to words how amazing it was that she 'blew' out the candle with her magic wand at the exact time the song ended PLUS she managed to do it without flicking the candle off the cake or squashing the cake itself! it's definitely a story i'll tell over and over again... so adorable!

well on the 28th she was the belle of the ball.. i mean, which other 1 year old gets a pool party! hehe.. tons of friends n family dropped by and gave lotsa gifts n ang pows (red packets with $, it's a chinese thingy!). Her birthday dress was a white frock with a bow decorated in tiny pink polkadots...I bought lil party favours for all the kids - the boys got balls and the girls all got pink star magic wands with ribbons. of course baby's pink tiara and butterfly wand was the coolest! Liza (martin's ex-boss) got her a gorgeously delicious choc cake. then all the kids including her godsister Natalia jumped into the pool for a splashing good time. was definitely a day to remember... Hey a big thank you shoutout to everyone who remembered it was Besra's big day.. and millions of thanks to people everywhere who sent in pressies especially Aunty Sue & family in England and Liz in Oz.. Baby loves you all, i'm sure!

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