Saturday, November 24, 2007

Wahoo: 15kgs..(noncholant grin)

Last week martin went on one of the local boats for a 3 day 2 night trip inclusive of 10 hr travel each way. within 6 hrs of travelling out he hooked up this nice wahoo at 15kg which was initially not thought to be a wahoo because it didnt swim towards the boat as is the norm. instead, it gave him a great fight with some good long runs. weather conditions were calm but rainy as to be expected now that the monsoon season is about. we've now got a whole freezerful of fresh fish and if his winning streak continues, we'll have to buy a chest freezer soon!

my brother alex also went on this trip which was handy cos he speaks the local lingo.. at one point, martin did his catch and release thingy with one of the giant trevelleys he caught (not good eating apparently) and when he chucked it back into the sea, everyone, and i mean everyone on the boat gasped in horror and gave alex the 20 questions about his crazy brother in law! one guy sauntered up to martin after that and said that if he was going to throw such fish overboard in the future, he should just hand it over! haha.. crazy locals and their 'eat anything, eat everything' mentality!

anyway, the pic below with the snapper like fish was also one of the bigger catches. was definitely a good trip for them.. happy that he's happy.. ;-)

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ash said...

Oh so THAT's what a Wahoo looks like. We ate a lot of that in Palau and Yap.Just got back from diving there. Fantastic trip.