Friday, December 21, 2007

10 kg Dorado & 15 kg Shovelnose Ray

Another successful fishing trip.. Martin went off for another three days and when he got back last Thurs he had various lil reef fish n two of these beauties with him!

On the first night itself, he was abt to give up n hit the sack when in the wee hrs of the morning the shovelnose ray decided to literally wake him up. says it was a fantastic fight but a bit sad to have had to bring it in as generally dont keep sharks n rays as a rul its tail got wrapped up in another's line..

As for the dorado, it was caught in 75m deep waters.. just under the surface it took the bait under the boat and subsequently put on a good display of flips and lunges ... tangled up a few lines which upset a few anglers but hey, tough luck. finally succumbed... was a good one.

took the pair to the fish market n got one of the guys there to do the biz.. usually we go to my mom's house n i play fisherman's wife.. thank goodness i get to escape this time cos i wouldnt know what to do with the two monsters! hehe..
the dorado is good eating and the ray just tastes like a ray..but bigger n meatier.. anyway.. martin is a happy chappie.. n so m i. ;-)

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