Friday, December 21, 2007

28 Nov: My 30th Bash!

My mind had gone round and round in pointless cirlcles for months now thinking of how to celebrate my 30th (yes, i know.. i'm officially OLD now!) and in the end i decided against everything. in fact, i thought i was going to have a low key birthday...

but hey, my fabulous sister michelle organised a nice dinner with family and close friends at a really posh revolving restaurant on the 18th flr. was nice that for once i didnt hv to do any planning and organising and i could just sit back and enjoy being pampered..

at abt 4pm.. went to her place for a lovely body massage, manicure n pedicure as well as eyelash extensions! haha.. then was whisked off to dinner and luvy n hubby brought a gorgeous choc cake from starbucks called Ipanema.. my fave! tons of ppl showed up including hubby of course, my immediate family n soon to be sister in laws and ppl like Paul, Dom & wife and even Jenny who dropped by even though she couldnt stay for dinner.. me very happy! weeeeeeeeeeeeee

guess growing old is not so bad after all! hehe.. anyway, i know this entry is a bit outdated.. but better late than never eh.. curtains drawing on 2008 as december comes to a close.. i've got a bit more to report on what i've been up to.. see blogs above cos i wanna include pics n prattle abt them too!

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