Monday, December 01, 2008

I've joined the ranks of the aged... :)

My 31st birthday has just gone by... and i'm so happy lotsa ppl remembered! the night before the 28th my family n i went for steamboat which basically is a communal pot of boiling soup in the middle of the table and we cook and eat as a family.. hehe.. and the moment i stepped out of the restaurant... yup.. everything was upchucked into the nearby drain.. how wonderful, money not so well spent eh!
on the day itself, the power above was smiling down on me cos i didnt puke once.. sighs.. happy days are upon us? maybe, keeping fingers crossed that the worst is over. had lunch with paul, mior n chit at secret recipe.. and shopped for a bit. good food, great conversation, who could ask for more?
martin started work early so that he could finish early then we all went out for pasta n pizza in town.. dropped by a shopping mall and baby was doing her hooligan act by running from martin to me n back again in the shops and inevitably, yup, she fell n split her bottom lip with her two front teeth, cried, got blood on daddy's hanky, and then proceeded to puke all over his back as martin carried her. puking is her signature style this girl.. sounds familiar eh? hehe.. sighs.. daddy was less than happy as you can imagine. anyway, her lip is healing now n she doesnt seem too concerned so all is good.
anyway, good time was had by all... wonder what i'll be doing next year.. party at our finally completed house maybe? ;-)

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