Friday, December 19, 2008


As you probably hv received our christmas cards by now (i apologise for the ones we accidentally missed out!), you'll know that we always go to the studio to do our annual photo shoot.. good excuse to glam up and take pro pictures.. esp since martin has plenty of family n friends who dont get to see us often or at all for the last few years..

we were going to make a trip back to uk in 2009 but i didnt anticipate getting preggers again so early... so martin might make a solo trip back but the kids n i will have to wait a few more years at least...

Martin is back to working full time.. he's good at running the resort but he doesnt really enjoy it... would rather be home with besra on the couch watching mickey mouse for the 100th time! hehe... ;-) or pottering about the land.. speaking of the land.. we found a local guy who cuts the grass at our place once a month now and this makes martin feel better as he worries the grass doesnt get cut n the mozzies will multiply.. the house itself is taking its time but that suits us.. will have a roof soon... then walls.. and so the story goes.. ;-)

as for me.. the pukeymonster in me resurrects its ugly head almost every day still but i'm coping... this new baby has a lot to answer for! for the first time in my life... i'm prone to rashes and acne.. something completely unheard of if you really know me.. sighs.. for some time i was a bit annoyed at having gotten pregnant so soon.. but my feelings have taken an about turn when i heard that my colleague who's expecting too suddenly lost hers... and she had a great appetite with no morning sickness... i guess it made me more thankful for the good things in my life, how ever unexpected.. ;-) anyway, scanned again last week and while i've lost 5 kgs to date.. the baby in me is growing at an expected rate with a good strong heartbeat and so far everything is going good... *counts her blessings again* ;-)

anyway, christmas is a time to reflect on family n friends and the year that was.. man it was a rough year... but things seemed to have fallen into place and i'm sooooooooo grateful for that. i love my husband, my baby girl, my baby-to-be, my baby's nanny/my companion, my father n mother, siblings, best friends, very good friends, friends, martin's family n friends... hehe.. basically everyone! so i figured i'd better write it down so everyone is clear on that! hehehehehhehe... MERRY CHRISTMAS, YA' ALL.. AND HAVE A FANTABULOUS NEW YEAR AHEAD.. !!!!!!!!!
One Big Happy!
Gooooooood daddy... listen to your little girl and all will be well.. ;-)

Boo! After about 100 shots baby started really enjoying the photo shoot... was hard work changing 6 outfits and hairstyles!

Here's a family shot with our beloved nanny included.. we dont know how we'd function without her! Thanks a million Aunty Marji!

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