Sunday, November 29, 2009

New Personal Best: 8kg Patin!

Went back to the pond again, this time with richard ekin and myself and bettered his best by 3kgs... isnt this patin an absolute beauty?! ;-)
i caught 4 tilapia and in these pics, a soon hock or marble goby that is about half a kilo.. after the fishing we went for a seafood dinner and they were selling soon hock at RM105.00 a kilo so technically i caught abt 50 bucks worth of fish here! hehehe
so it was really quite an enterprising trip and before any of u even start to salivate thinkin up ways to cook these fish, we'll hv u know that they are safely back in the ponds, swimming away without any memory of this ghastly experience except probably a sore lip. hehehe... at least they are alive to see another sunrise! hahahaha...


escape2 said... love the natural blush you have on your face. gorgeous.

SJB said...

One big fish (*_*).