Monday, November 30, 2009

Happy birthday to me! heheheh...

hehe... most normal ppl hv one cake for their birthdays.. me, well i got 6 different flavours and they were fabulous! ashley chose the restaurant called Delicious at Bangsar Village and we had a fabulous time just chatting n stuffing our faces n laughing our heads off... from the top was the applelicious pie with vanilla ice-cream, peach frangipane pie with vanilla ice cream as well, i chose the strawberry pavlova, sticky date pudding with what else, vanilla ice-cream and butterscotch sauce (yummers!!!!), banoffee pie and last but not least carrot cake with cream cheese that contessa chose! haha.. we played musical desserts, each of us taking one or two spoonfuls of every dessert before passing them on... ! ooooo it was heavenly!

here's a pic of lyanna, cutipie! thanks for the perfume, love it! hugs!

that's me, the birthday girl! ;-) another year older n more wrinkly!

ashley the gorgeous 'perempuan cina terakhir', titi the hot countess! and lyanna the cool chick! 4 beauties galore! oh thanks hunny for buying me this velvet dress... love it!

group pic! weeeeeeeeeeeeee

this is me before i blew out all the candles... thanks everyone for making it to my simple but great bday dinner in KL... it was priceless! ;-)

this is me posing with baby danial, zai and jacques' lil boy... he looks a bit scrunched up here but overall was a sweet baby... congrats again guys!

and here i am with my favourite aunt in the whole wide world, Sharon who looks so youthful and hip eventhough she's much older than you think. in the red is my dearest friend Tang, whom i will miss like hell cos she's migrating to Perth... not going to be able to sit down and chat and eat dim sum with her like this for a long long time... girl i wish u well and that your future will be blessed with joy and happiness all the way. keep in touch ya!

at the moment, i'm still in KL, staying with Ashley who's an angel... dunno where i'd be without her. have had a fabulous time so far, esp with her lovely son Ryan and hub Leon... one day i'll bring Besra and Lanner and they can have fun together... kl is great cos i get to catch up with my good friends from the good ol days... and wonder where the years have gone. I do miss my lil ones but this time tomorrow i'll be holding lanner in my left arm and cuddling besra with my right. ;-)
here's a cute pic martin took before we left for KL... Besra and Lanner in his automatic swing! how cool is this contraption?

Lanner's milion dollar smile!
Uncle Richard Ekin givin Lanner his first sip of Chardonnay! lol... he was enthusiastically trying to drink it as well! my sweet boy!


SJB said...

"Happy birthday". By the way, love the dress.

fiza said...

hope it's not too late to wish u HAPPY BIRTHDAY...;)..i can see that u r really having fun there..enjoy!!

Doria Robert Kawen said...

hey birthday girl..u look lovely in that dress.pandai mr hubby pilih.
and ashley looks so pretty..hv a nice bday k.u r not wrinkly dear,makin cantik lah!

tiee said...

happy birthday again. U always look gorgeous dear. no matter how old. :-)