Saturday, December 05, 2009

Here's how to hv a good time on almost zero budget!

thank you thank you thank you Leon & Ashley for letting me cruise the streets of bandar utama in this super sexy BMW convertible! how cool is that? haha... this is just me being vain, then again, when am i not!?

Another priceless picture..

And another! It was smooth as silk driving it down the road to our destination, and there wasnt any traffic that day, so all in all, a brilliant outing! the only other sports car I've had the priviledge of driving is a green MG in Dorset, England belonging to a friend of martin's, lovely Jan. ;-) sighs... oh but to own one one fine day, indeed the day would be oh so sweet!

Lol.. faux fur seems to be the super in thing (not that i'm that trendy!) now in kl... so a cheap thrill is to put them on and snap a pic n pretend to be super rich.. hahaha.. the prices for these things r ridiculous! dont worry, no furry animal was hurt in the synthetic production of these articles of clothing. ;-) purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrso soft! purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

not very clear but i love this shot... illusion of being skinny! i wish!

how about this furry bit around my neck.. hehe.. no it's not strangling me! sales lady at the back was not impressed with the photo taking. LOL.. but later she warmed to us! hahahhhaha

and here's a shot of my last day in KL, the Tuesday ex-college mates breakfast club! left of me is contessa@titi who used to be in English like the rest of us but broke free to be an interior designer instead, on the right is aniqah who like me is still faithful to the government, secondary school teacher... gave me a really cool book to read on the plane (main message, to be successful, ignore the facts!) and on the far right is dear Ashley, super hot mama! i think she's the last pure chinese chick in malaysia.. (perempuan cina terakhir!) LOL... thanks for coming from all the corners of the world just to hv breakfast with me and send me off! hugs.. we'll do it again soon!

and finally, i wished i was made of money cos i would hv bought this green gown... priced at 500 ringgits, it was going for 50% off but i couldnt justify spending that much on a dress no matter how gorgeous i THINK i look in it. haha.. your opinions may differ. ;-) but check out the dressing room.. haha... the size of the room with mirrors and raised stage was as big as my own living room in my papar apartment! hehee... and the sales lady was fussing over me.. oh to be a rich bitch.. LOL
Anyway, tons of cheap and entertaining fun in KL... was good to get away, and not teach or worry abt the mundane things in life. big hug to all for making it sooooo memorable! same again next year, ashley? :-)


Doria Robert Kawen said...

woooo..nice car! u really enjoy urself..and that green goodness,so beautiful on u.
did u buy anything for me?hahaha..just kidding.:)

escape2 said...

what a nice car...and what a wonderful time indeed

SJB said...

Love the green dress too.

ash said...

That green dress looked so hot on you I wish you'd gotten it. Nvm the picture will last forever. Can't wait for the next visit. Will go to KK before you come over. Hugs

Jay said...

BMW marvelous car.. when to afford it?