Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas is coming!!! weeee! ;-)

havent blogged for ages.. been super busy and super fed up with the slow connection at home. haha.. been spoilt with the fast connection at work that it's the only drawback of being on holiday... i dont get to use the school's broadband! nevermind, at least i'm blogging now!

hehe.. here's a pic of the first batch of christmas cards that left my hands a couple of weeks ago... because i couldnt find some other addresses, hehe i had to go back to the post office a number of times over a number of days to get them all sent... if u hvnt received one this time round, it's cos i dont have your address.. hahahaha... so get in touch with me n i'll put you on my list for next year! basically every year we do a christmas shoot.. which i put on facebook or here only after christmas cos i dont wanna spoil the surprise for those receiving them in the cards. this years pics were done pretty late.. but i assure you they are top quality... lanner is a star.. smiled so gorgeously for the cam and besra of course was a lil lady. ;-) look out for it in the mail ok!
here's my daughter Besra and my goddaughter Natalia on our italiano lunch do with godma Luvy to exchange gifts for christmas.. hehe.. lunch and chat was lovely as expected and the girls had fun poking and prodding the christmas tree. there was a silver stalactite or stalacmite (which one's the one going downwards?) and both the kids put it on their heads and called themselves unicorns... imagination is priceless eh.. oh to be young and naive again, with not a single worry on our lil minds!
Besra's first christmas tree... we decorated the tree in our sparse new house... she was really impressed and had plenty of fun doin it. cant wait for a time when we can put up a real big one..
kissing the angel at the top of the tree... ;-) how sweet
big sister duty.. hehe.. he really didnt want to sit still! haha..
from the balcony looking in... my pride and joy... who would hv thought curtains could inspire such bliss!

Sowhat have i been up to? too much on my plate right now.. but it's a good thing. spend most of my days cleaning and mopping the new house and it's starting to look more like a home now. the curtains r in (love em... so gorgeous!), so r the aircons and the water heaters... water tower has been successfully erected and i hear they are installing the water tank tomorrow (it's green, do u know why? lol). My stove unit arrived today.. yippee!!! furniture will be delivered some time next week, the astro cable tv guys r coming round tomorrow morning and we r installing the phone line hopefully before christmas... yikes! this moving business is hard work! i've booked the lorry for 26th dec so that's the big move.... gonna spit roast a turkey (if i can find one, or an overfed chicken will have to do!) to feed all the extra hands that day as a thank you for helping me with the boxes on literally Boxing Day! hehehehe... cluck cluck.. i'm starting to become pretty houseproud... lol.. anyway, fingers crossed we get in there with no hitches.

only downer now is that i'm having a tough time finding a bank that will remortgage our fully paid apartment for us. we're sitting on money literally and the idea was to release some funds to furnish the new place properly, while the new tenants paid off the monthly installments. sighs... bugger all banks! if it's not this, it's that. i'm now putting my apartment on the market... it will be on pretty soon so if u know anyone who wants to buy a resort apartment, 2 rooms for a steal at 85,000 ringgits (45 mins drive from kk city, 5 mins walk to a pristine beach) ... point them in my direction ok! sighs.. will be sad to lose this place but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do!

anyway... another great piece of news is that our fishing charters website is finally up.. and we've got close to 300 hits already. some enquiries are already coming in and hopefully more will ensue. lots and lots of pics of martin and his fish and a couple of me with some of my fish. have a look and tell us what you think! ;-)

right, so spread the christmas cheer and love to all.. sorry we didnt make it back again for christmas in england.. i do miss my white christmas... to all my dearest friends who take the time to read my ramblings, i wish you every blissful moment the year ahead can infuse into your life, and may you always be healthy, happy and thankful for all the plusses and not focus too much on the minuses. ;-) hugs all round!


tiee said...

hey lady. Thanks for the support. Wow...I can't wait to visit u at your new hse. Looks great! Will see you soon. Hugs and kisses for your kids. So cute!

ash said...

Hi hon, you might want to reconsider selling the apartment cos by the time you find a buyer, the buyer gets a loan, the loan gets approved AND released, might be anything from 3 to 5 months. Why don't you try all the banks and ask if they can refinance. Even if margin of finance is lower it's still better if you're confident of finding a tenant for the apartment. Just make some phone calls.

Anonymous said...

Audrey, thanks so much for the card and the pictures. It's very thoughtful of you. Your children are growing real fast. I feel like I only knew you were pregnant with Lanner and there he is with his huge smile (that looks exactly like you). Besra will definitely grow to be a fine young lady. I saw on your blog that you've moved to your new (HUGE) house. So, can I have your new address, so I can send you a card? Thanks again and take care, dear. BTW, you never change, still looking good!! (awet muda)