Monday, January 11, 2010


WISH FOR NEW YEAR: GIMME THIS HARLEY!!! Although i hve no blinkin idea how to ride even a bicycle! hehehehe..

Havent been so slack abt blogging for ages! hehe... basically December was a busy bee month... packing boxes and moving house and unpacking boxes.. seems to be so much to do every day... but it is a comforting feeling knowing that we're finally in our new place. house is simple but gorgeous.. and definitely befits its name: River Sanctuary Lodge. ;-) we hv plenty of space and guest rooms now so feel free to visit!

Besra went to school for the first time last week. The first day was fine, but the second, she ended up crying and puking and making her daddy sit with her for more than half an hr before i came over and he left and then i left her crying.. but when i picked her up she was fine...;-) happy to see me and not too traumatised... had a busy weekend and now she's got a runny nose so i think we'll let her skip a day of school or two. poor lil cherub..

Lanner is a big and strapping lad.. 9kgs plus and almost 9 months old. he's a lil Velociraptor according to martin cos he makes this really high pitch screeching noises as a means of communication.. and he swoops down on you with his walker (now that we hv tons of space for the kids to run) and besra freaks out and jumps on the couch cos when the walker hits your leg, damn its painful! ahahhaha..

Anyway, back at work now after more than 1 month and half off... good to be back and tons more responsibilities this year.. including vice president of the teachers' union. yikes! haha.. will also be tutoring in town mondays and fridays... so will be pretty busy from now on. havent taken many pics or downloaded the ones on martin's computer so... ah well, will find the time some other time.

Hugs and kisses to everyone, may this year be better than the last and may it be filled with passion, pleasures and perfection... xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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ash said...

Hah let's take a bike license together. Then we can see who get more scratches or heaven forbid, kena burn by the exhaust pipe (which I'm sure awaits every unsuspecting bike rider) Waiting for more pictures of the house. Am thinking of going over for a visit soon. Want to spend some time with Ryan before getting pregnant again and he has to share me with his sibling.