Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Christmas and Bes goes to school!

Christmas came and went and i havent managed to put up many pics cos of the moving and unpacking... and the fact that i had terrible internet connection at home... so here's a few...

Here's me in my Christmassy dress.. although it doesnt look anything red or green.. haha.. but my signature black.. with a bit of white thrown in... got tons of christmas messages so was busy texting the whole night... some ppl whom i expected to message didnt but some whom i didnt expect did... so nice to hear from ppl i havent heard from in ages..lovely to know they still care.. so to all my ex-students, ex-colleagues and childhood friends, hope u guys had a wonderful christmas with a fabulous new year ahead..

Katie, Besra and Cora... three lovely girls with their Christmas ice-cream sundaes.. talk abt a sweet tooth!

Every christmas we go to langkah syabas for the seafood extravaganza... haha.. and the carolers... we're not that religious but it's just nice to celebrate the holiday.. plus besra loves the girls... oh n when the carolers came, they sang a few songs and then they asked for requests and Besra literally screamed: Jingle Bells!!! and she was pretty upset when the choir said they hadnt practiced it beforehand so couldnt sing it for her... i mean, who the hell cant sing jingle bells? pity the lil besra..haha.. no worries, i sang it with her enough times for her to keep her happy.
Bes goes to school now.. this is her bright orange uniform... ain't she sweet?
This is her in her Friday sports gear... ;-)
And here was a pic of her first day... when she was allowed to wear anything cos the uniforms werent ready yet... so pink outfit with rara skirt and white boots it was! the school is nothing fancy but it does include computer lessons and montesorri practical living skills so i guess it should be worth every cent... haha... but the teachers tell me that besra still sleeps in class sometimes, i guess at the end of the day, she's still just a baby, my adorable baby girl! We love you, Bes!


escape2 said...

thanks for the updates and lovely photos. all photos are lovely.

SJB said...

Ohhhh the big girl go to school. She so cute with her uniform. Sekolah cina kah ni?

Audrey Wiles said...

yup.. sort of. all lessons in english.. only chinese and bm in their respective languages.

i was sitting at dinner with besra talkin to martin about 'malaysians' and she said: I'm not malaysian, i'm chinese!!!! lol.. let the spirit of 1 Malaysia live on!

SJB said...

I'm not malaysian, i'm chinese. Hehehe that's cute.