Thursday, April 29, 2010

More birthday pics. ;-)

Lanner had his big bash in where else but the resort (Langkah Syabas, martin's ex-employers). Love the place especially since they've added a new wing for private functions. So now my precious is a big boy already... he still crawls as if he's running, isn't interested in walking but does like hanging on to the furniture to see the world. Bet the whole party this just went over his head but he'll look back and know that we love him sooooooo much we threw him a simple but nice party just like we did for Besra. ;-) Thanks everyone for making the effort to come and celebrate with us.. ;-) can't believe that a year has passed so quickly.

Ordered this cake from Strawberry bakery which is super famous for its super delicious moist choc cake. Went down a treat cos lots of people had seconds. ;-) must learn to make this cake, it's one skill that is still eluding me. hehe..
this pic is blurry cos it's actually a clip from the video clip. hehe.. ;-) if u watch the video below you'll notice that lanner keeps looking at his dad... instead of his cake! and i had to 'focus' his head on the cake at the end. lol.. hehe.. dont worry, i didnt hurt him. and guess who screamed out something about wanting to eat chocolate!? who else but princess Besra! hehe..
This was taken at home. Josephine, bless her, bought this rocking horse for lanner.. u can tell he is amused and bemused by it.. there were other gifts including a non-halal (non-kosher) piggy book and a tractor to name a few. Thanks ya'all! But mostly, thanks to those who gave the traditional Chinese ang pows (red packets filled with mulah!) hehe..
Perry, a senior in my college and now a very competent colleague in the education field took some really super shots. With a bit of editing on my part (getting rid of fat arms n such, lol) the pics are featured here and they are pretty spectacular!
I gave out lil goodie bags and besides the customary chocs, jellies, sweets and crackers, I like to add notebooks and pens.. hehe.. so nice to see the girls just stretch out on the floor and draw together.. this is Besra (now 3 1/2) and cousin Alicia (4 years). how sweet... sweaty.. but sweet nonetheless.
I so love this pic... esp how the pig and Lanner both seem to have flawless skin! hehe..
My boy, chewing hard on Perry's lens cap. such a thinker.. i wonder what he's really thinking about?
After a long day, Perry manages to catch him yawning. Natural. Beautiful.
And last but not least, this one is definitely a keeper. Daddy n son shot. ;-) awwwwwwww

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