Saturday, April 17, 2010

My boy turns 1 today!

Lanner ate tons of his choc chip fudge cake... just the cake bits, not the choc.. guess who stuffed herself with the leftover choc!? no guesswork needed eh! hehe


How amazing is it that this time last year I had been hospitalised twice and was to the point of no return in terms of having every kind of symptom and suffering listed in the pregnancy books.. hehe.. 24 hr puking (my best friend was mr loo, and no he wasn't chinese!), piles (oh gawd no!!!), all kinds of pain or numbness or bloatedness or all of the aforementioned! definitely not a walk in the park! yet today i look into his lil brown eyes and see them shining, acknowledging his mommy, and that killer smile of his and i think that indeed all the pain and sufferings were damn well worth it...

if i have achieved nothing else of significance in this lifetime but to be a mother to two beautiful children, then my life has not been a waste. i love them dearly and i hope they will achieve their destiny one day, whatever it may be. most of all, i wish them happiness and contentment. ;-)

as for me... i've been up to entirely too much! hehe... won the district level debates again this year.. hahahahahahah my girls were fantabulous! also this year i've been upgraded to technical advisor for the entire district, lol, dunno if that is something to be proud of or not, extra work for no extra money.. but the 15 seconds of glamour makes up for it! hehe..

also been lecturing here and there.. at UITM for the third time (i'm really glad they keep calling me back, must be doing something right!) and various other secondary schools. plus every saturday I have the adult learners' class which is super fun, but long hours. i'm not really complaining, cos i really love the attention and the fact that i'm contributing to their quest for knowledge.. haha how corny!

let's see... lanner is 11 plus kgs now, has had two bottom teeth for the past 3 months now with no signs of the others popping out anytime soon... he can crawl like a demon, and pull to stand well, cruising using the furniture or any available person to hang on to, and has a penchant for screeching like a 'velociraptor' (martin's nickname for him, how fatherly!) my boy still grins and laughes and there is no better sound in this world than that. sighs.. love the lil buggeroony!

as for besra, gosh she's grown up big, and real talkative now. last week during american idol she declared that she loves the brown haired guy (tim urban) and that when she is big she will marry him. what the f*%&!!!!!!! she's only 3 for goodness sake! this week she raced to the tv when he came on the screen, screamed "My prince!" and subsequently climbed the glass top table to kiss the tv screen. holy smokes! what's a momma to do-a?

martin is away tuna fishing right now.. wont be back till sun night. guess i'll be fishmonger's wife again, not looking forward to that but do miss the old bugger. lol... luckily i have another young man around to sleep with every night.. haha. seriously though, the website is starting to pay dividends and we've had good news from his sister in UK re the house, so fingers crossed that life will be much much easier soon.

must train myself to blog less but more often.. haha.. bloody facebook takes up all my time these days esp my addiction to scrabble. hahahhaa.. no worries, bingoes are the highlight of my life in addition to my two angels and the archangel martin. LOL.

These are my MUET form 6 students carrying out a newspapers in education activity. ;-) haha.. it was a fun lesson esp since the winners won my ten bucks! hehe.. amazing what a bit of dosh stirs up!
here's my baked cheesecake with a hint of lime. mmmmmm... was for a friend's birthday.
this is 1 of 2 apple pies i made for the school staff's potluck... there were no leftovers, haha.. as if there would be! not!
Lanner with his super killer smile! i love u i love u i love u!!!!!!!!!!!!!
chicky babe besra with her choc chip vanilla fudge cupcake... can u tell she loves choc? haha
martin got this book for me which came with the silicone moulds which can withstand up to 300 degrees celcius.. amazing or what!?!?!
tadaaaaaaaaaaaa! with colourful heart shaped sprinkles as well!

made meat-free lasagna.. some to eat and others to freeze... for his highness of course, when i'm not available in the kitchen to slave for him..

and fisherman's pie with fish, mushrooms, onions in a white sauce topped with mashed potatoes... yummers!
my glorious debate team! congrats for being champs! weeeeeeeeee!
me after guest lecturing at the local Mara University
a hall-full of students completely engrossed in what i had to say.. love the feeling! hehe.


escape2 said...

burp...but i am sure there is a lot more you can take. what an enriching life. way to go!

SJB said...

Time go so fast kan. many food. Yummm meat free lasagna my hubby love that.

Anyway, take care.