Sunday, March 14, 2010

here fishy fishy fishy...

Yup.. martin has been fishing again. and this time, he brought in a lovely 10 kg wahoo... pity his wife though.. she didnt get married to him to become a fish hacker! yikes, u shoulda seen the balcony after i made the fish into serving size slices... plus the worst bit, when i sliced open the stomach.. out plopped two of the ugliest most gross stomach parasites ever.. black n blobby and still writhing. yuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkksssssss!!!! i cant believe i married a fisherman!
this is martin with his mate paul.. paul got a 6kg one.. and no, i dont know if its guts was the home of more parasites. urgh! martin also brought home 50+ reef fish, so u can imagine how full our freezer is right now. hehe.. i'm thinkin fish for breakfast, lunch, dinner n supper.. ;-) lol

anyway, tot i'd also blog abt when beatrice and rick were here.. they stayed over at our place and had a nice time.. kids loved them, we love them, they love us, what could go wrong eh! hehe.. love u guys!

rick n bea... awwww...
my son's got huge hands! hehehehe... hope he grows up into a tall, fair, handsome stud!

bea used to do my hair.. now she's in charge of her goddaughter's gorgeous tresses!

i love this pic... except for the choc milk patch on besra's top! hehehe lanner's almost 11 months and he looks huge in this pic.. either that or i've shrunk! hahahah i prefer the latter!

here's us having a swimyswim at Nexus Karambunai where bea n rick were staying for a week. was really nice cos there was a canopy overhead to keep the heat away, and the kids (big n small) had a blast playing with the waterguns besra got for her birthday last year.. haha..

this is a really pathetic lookin donald duck.. but i suppose the kids would like this pic included for posterity one fine day when they look back at this blog. it was jane's 8th bithday and they rented the whole playyard at 1Borneo hypermall.. how posh is that?!

and last week has been a crazy one.. but very satisfying. here's my badminton team which i took to the district level and we won 2nd place. i love badminton.. haha.. and the kids were super.

now that it's our 1 week mid semester break.. gosh i can breathe easier. i am guest lecturing at a university this tues.. but hey, i love doin it! other than that, the week will be a restful one.

anyway, there's been so much happening but words dont do them justice. suffice to say that i'm happy, my family members are safe n healthy, my house is paradise and life is beautiful. ;-) beat that!


escape2 said...

i bet you are better than the local market's fishmonger now with all the training you have getting rid of all the guts. good job!
and love your leopard print dress. fierce!! send regards my regards to bea.

qahina said...

euughhh..but i seriously admire your dedication in slicing off those parasites. You think you can feature any baked fish recipe here? Well you got tonns of 'em takkan asyik goreng and gulai saja right? he he
Yeah, looks like Bea Rick and the Wiles are having a great time. Makes me wonder if I should book for Sabah trip on next vacay? he he... :)

SJB said...

Wow...big one huh. If my dad saw this mesti punya jealous hehehe.

Your son only 11 month?. Wah..big boy oh kan.

Anyway, nice pictures.