Monday, March 01, 2010

Chinese New Year Eve Reunion Dinner 2010... some pics.. ;-)

The Koh Clan... from left to right: alicia nicole, martin, besra ai-ying, joanne, alex and dylan koh jun, lanner hon-yang, me, my dad jimmy, mom belinda, aunty grace, scott and michelle, jordan james in the AIG shirt and bro steeve and his wife joeanne in front. ;-) 'twas a nice reunion.
The Wiles... ;-)
Loving cousins... both cutting the mandarin orange butter cake which i made for the reunion dinner at my mom's...
whatcha lookin at!? wanna fight?! hehehe... dylan and lanner.. they r only 2 days apart n will perhaps become the best of friends one day... ;-)
my lil tiger ... purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs more than growwwwwwwwwwllls


Fely said...

The kids are super duper cute!! Is it me or is Besra looking more and more like you and Lanner more and more like daddy? X

Audrey Wiles said...

fely.. they are adorable! hehe... and yes bes looks more asian and lanner looks very org putih. hehehe... but they r both good kids.

i live in kg nagapas now. ;-) kinuta is somewhere nearby i think cos i've heard of it. would definitely love for u n your family to stay over if ever you're in the area... i think i'll be here for a long time to come so take your time, and start saving your pennies! ;-) hugs to your two cuties!

SJB said...

Nice pictures (^_*).

tiee said...

yay...i like that tiger outfit. so cute...match with Lanner's super wide smile...haha...Though he looks like his dad, but i think he has your wide smile lah Audrey. :-)