Monday, March 01, 2010

the months that were...

my strapping lad!
marji the nanny n besra... u can see my living room in the background..
lanner in his prison gear.. hehe
besra the rock chick in front of her playhouse which i brought all the way from kl.. remember ashley!? hehe its pretty cool and well worth the money!
Besra posing in my room... my dressing table n lanner's crib... ooo n i'm so in love with my own curtains! hahaha very houseproud at the moment!

Heya... i know this is a long time coming but i've been really annoyed with blogspot cos every time i tried to upload pics it would end up as error... surprisingly i'm doin it now and its being as obedient as a kitten... hmmm... let's see if it publishes!

So how is life, everyone? my fellow bloggers hv remained quite constant, from fely to doria and everyone in between. sorry i've been so slack in reading and commenting on blogs. i wonder what got over me! hehe.. anyway, i'm back and as you can see, with tons of pics!

Jan: let's see.. the month was a bit crazy cos i went from not working for almost 2 months to 7am to 4 or 5pm every day cos school reopened and there were meetings after meetings. yikes... but i have to admit, being in a school that appreciates what i do is a godsend. hehe...

also jan was a whole month to prep the house for our chinese new year open house celebration in addition to our house warming party. i catered food but made all the desserts... haha next time i'll know to make double the cakes cos they went down pretty fast with the happy lot that day. was a great feeling to actually be in this house and able to entertain properly...

talkin about entertainin, i've had a number of gourmet dinner parties.. hehe some up to 4 courses! so if u want to be wined n dined, hehe .. make a date with us and we'll show you the royal treatment. the guest room awaits anyone n everyone who makes the long trek to our house in the jungles of papar! it is a bit of a drive to the novice, but old hands like us take it in our stride...

in feb, we threw the cny n house warming party which was a super success.. thanks all for making the journey, hope it was up to expectations!

hv been working like crazy like i mentioned earlier... last week alone i had a course in beaufort (1hr drive away) on tues, a meeting in a school which is hosting the district level english language debates (i've been appointed technical advisor for the entire district.. ahem.. hehe.. i'm actually rather pleased n proud of this!) on wednesday.. and on thurs i gave a 6 hr course to 50 plus students in KK Highschool on MUET Strategies... very very satisfying and rewarding week..

as for the kids, both babies r growing big n fast! i mean, where the heck does the time go... besra is stringing sentences together that are so impressive (esp to and english teacher) as she's only three and can say things like 'daddy let's look at the bug with the magnifying glass' or 'there r too many complications' and i was clipping her nails and she called them her 'claw-ses' as in the plural of a claw is claw-ses. haha... she has claws? my lil kitten!

lanner is a super stud.. such a loving, handsome and happy child. he's almost 11kg now that he's almost 11 months. ;-) pretty good with anyone manhandling him but the moment he sees me he goes frantic and tries to literally jump or fly out of the other person's arms to get to me.. awwwww... how endearing that he knows who his mom is. ;-) adorabubble! he's crawling very well now and pulling to stand and can cruise along the furniture. so developmentally, he's doin fine, like any other child his age. thank goodness there doesnt seem to be any ill effects from the jaundice and blood transfusion he had to go through when he was a week old. i love my lil tiger!

as for martin, he has his hands full doin stuff for the house everyday... and runs besra to school and back every weekday... we also have resident swallows and swifts he looks after and the neighbours dogs just gave birth to two lots of puppies so now he's daddy to about 5 lil pups. we will probably need to rehome them in abt 2 months... so anyone out there lookin for local pups.. pls take em!

right, i think i've rambled on a bit too much... i've had another two set of pics come up as 'error' and unloadable... so i think i'll just publish these pics first n go to bed. will try again with others later. hugs all round! xxxxxxxxxxxx


Fely said...

Welcome back Mrs Wiles!! Loving the pics of the kids and the lovely new house. Where exactly are you in papar Audrey? Cos my granny is in Kinuta. Next time we go back, we'd be sure to visit you guys ok. X

escape2 said...

lanner is so adorably handsome. he is going to break many girls' hearts soon.
a big big pat on your shoulder for all your achievements at work and at home. bravo!

SJB said...

Welcome Back.