Saturday, May 01, 2010

FB works.. ;-)

My signature peaches and creamcheese cake. RM60 medium, RM80 large.
Carrot walnut cake with cream cheese topping... RM60
Double choc chip choc fudge... went down a treat! RM2.00 to RM2.50 per piece or neg. ;-)

As you guys have mostly noticed, i've been uploading pics of the gastronomic creations i make from time to time on fb.. ;-) suffice to say i enjoy baking n spreading the joy around. Last december (amidst crazy packing n moving house) i thought it would be fun baking for the christmas season so i put up my two signature cakes, peaches and cream cheesecake and carrot walnut cake with cream cheese topping on fb and the orders started coming in like crazy. lol.. it was mostly hard work, creating and then delivering to town which is abt an hrs drive with traffic, but the satisfaction of people eating and loving my cakes was priceless.

Anyway, recently i've been making cuppies or better known as cupcakes.. and hv taken them to school and teachers have literally fought over them. lol.. tickles me to know that they want it that bad. hahahahha.. so far i've done double choc chip choc fudge cuppies and the ones the other day was real vanilla choc chip choc fudge cuppies. ;-) tomorrow's attempt will be orange zest choc chip with cream cheese topping cuppies.. will tell u how that one turns out.

Right, so what is the point of all this self-praise (is no praise, or so the saying goes)... well.. a friend has been following my (occasional) progress on fb and has since contacted me to supply her new delicatessen in a posh area of KK in the near future when it opens its doors for business. My question is, should i jump head into this sideline business? Or will it kill my love for baking. Making cakes cos i have to can't be as fun as making cakes for pleasure right? But it will bring in delicious dosh... of which we all can do with more, not less! haha.. so what say you guys? jump in or pass up? *scratches head*


any orders for kaamatan and mid year hols? hehehehe.. ;-)


escape2 said...

go for it audrey! there is nothing better than earning those extra dough from the dough itself.
i am sure you will enjoy yourself and the $$$ is not a good enough motivation meh?? you will get to serve more too

fiza said...

h....just go for it!! who knows that later it 'll turn out to be just ur own...good luck!!

sophia said...

just go for it! extra dosh!!!

you might discover that baking cakes for 'work' is just as pleasurable as baking for pleasure!! ;) hehhhehe...

besides, you'll improve your baking skill too, not that it's not good enough already!! :)

SJB said...

Agree with Fiza & Sophia. Just go for it!!.

Roslyn said...

I think the most challenging bit will be churning out those cupcakes..literally :)

So nobody said you shouldn't get a helper, right? Just to do the tough stuff like cleaning, scraping, chopping... leaving your magic fingers to do the mixing and decorating.

By the way, I want to order one of yr cheesecake for 1st June :) One of my cousins still hasn't forgotten the 'debacle' of last Christmas .. remember, your cake disappeared within thirty mins and he only got two slices.

Doria Robert Kawen said...

yeah..go for it..u know,girl, if only I live in Papar..I think we should have our own bakery..hahaha...I'm still new in Kuching,so.. I am malu2 to promote my cakes,biscuits and so I'll just gv you my 100% support..and carrot cake looks yummy!!