Thursday, May 20, 2010

I Love Majakir...

As vice president of the teachers' union in my school (i was forced to take it on but popular demand/vote.. urgh!), I had the opportunity to present a card signed by all of us to my principal, Tn. Hj. Abdul Aziz last Tuesday after our curriculum meeting. I read out two interesting passages which I will include here:

"Guru umpama mentari yang memberi sinar ke seluruh alam, tanpa cahaya mentari, sang rembulan pun akan hilang seri."
("Teachers are like the sun which lights up the entire world, without sunshine, even the moon will loose its glow.")


"Teachers are the heartbeat and pulse of the nation, without us, the country would be lifeless. Thank you for being a great teacher!"

Happy teachers' day y'all!
(to view report go to my school's website.. it's very canggih ya! :

Well teachers' day has official come and gone but the celebration is ongoing. National level is usually on 16th May, but schools normally drag it out a bit longer.. our school level official do is sometime in June so there will be more stories to come later.

Anyway, what did our dearest Najib (prime minister) give us? some wishy-washy talk of monetary incentives if any school manages to beat 300 other schools in ranking (like that's gonna happen anytime soon!!?!?!) and shovels! yup, you heard right, no pay rise, no extra allowances, just cangkuls/shovels for a national level gotong-royong (clean-up) day to celebrate every ounce of sweat we have poured out as decidated teachers in exchange for an equal ounce of sweat as national gardeners! hah!

still... it was quite fun as you can tell from the pics below. To all my fellow Majakirians and all teachers of the nation on our combined destiny to shape the younger generation towards excellence, fantastic job n keep up the good work! *pats ya on the back*

An artsy shot of me, spent more time posing then actually gardening! hehe.. *responsibility avoidance in full action*

I did snip some Okra (ladies fingers).. lol.......... History was made that day, I actually saw and touched an okra plant! did u know they okras grow upwards? who would hv thought eh!

The moment i stooped down to do some weeding, a thorn drew first blood!!! hence i was jumping up n down screaming "I'm injured.. help me.. i can't do it any more!!!" (*another classic example of duty diversion.. lol*
My good friend Aina n I.. we were contemplating the meaning of life and why this galaxy exists and how we came to be in the same solar system... yeah right! LOL.. more like thinking what to have for lunch after all the hard work! hehehehehe


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SJB said...

Happy teacher's day.

Wah.. fresh okra.