Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Home Sweet Home!

hey all... more updates on the house.. it's coming along, taking its time but coming along nontheless.. almost have a roof now... looking at it, it's actually quite huge.. i suppose a 52x48ft structure would be considered huge these days... can't believe its ours. ;-) one day we'll be living in it on a daily basis and we wont know any different.. right now we live in a tiny apartment.. and the nanny lives in an apartment opposite so baby thinks its perfectly normal to walk across the corridor to get to mommy's n daddy's home... ;-)
as you can see there's lots of space for parking the cars under the house.. nice n shaded... one day we might brick in some rooms for storage or what not.. the two rooms downstairs are on the right, martin's 20x20 tackle den and on the left is a studio for our future help.. hehe.. may get a live in couple to work the land n maintain the living areas, then i'll really be mistress of the house! martin n i will be visiting the house again today.. the grass has just been cut so i'm sure it will look lovely.

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