Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Lanner.. ;-)

scanned my lil boy recently and he's up to 831 grams.. i'm in my 5 1/2 month now.. and generally the puking has entered 1st gear (except for today, sighs... torture!) he's a boisterous lil thing cos he seems to find great pleasure in kicking and punching me all hours of the day. ;-) ah well.. i suppose it's to be expected, him being a fiesty boy and all.

doc gave me a 4D video of him which is so adorable.. he covers his face with his arms then removes them to show his face... Lanner is one cute baby even if i say so myself! too bad i can't seem to figure out how to put it here cos it's saved under a very different file. anyway, suffice to say doc checked and he's the right size and weight for his age and all seems to be going by the book. doc even said he'll be giving me some jabs closer to my 30 something week to make sure the baby stays inside at least till 35 weeks..

i spend a lot of time sleeping these days... i swear every time i wake up my belly protrudes more.. as can be expected.. so these days i feel like a beached whale! i think i'm the size i was when i was carrying besra at 7 months. lol.. ah well... cant wait for this one to pop out. ;-) i think two children in this day and age is more than enough. would proclaim myself quite mental if i purposely got pregnant with a third. lol. ;-) more updates after my next scan on the 7th of march. ;-)

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