Monday, February 09, 2009

Last day of CNY 2009..

Well today is the last day of CNY.. and as usual we have a family dinner planned for tonight. coincidentally it's also my bro in law scott's birthday so it will be a double celebration and if i can find the ingredient.. i'll bake him a cake. ;-)
these pics below were taken on the night of the reunion dinner (traditionally held every chinese new year's eve).. we all gathered at my mom and dad's place.. food was aplenty and we even played a few rounds of gin rummy using tiles that look like mahjong ones. ;-) i dont care what the devil says but small time gambling is great!
Baby Besra (2 yrs 3 mths), Baby Cousin Alicia (2 yrs 8 mths) and Uncle Steeve... lookin good!
Loh Yee Sang.. a mix of fruits, veg, crackers, salmon and special sweet sauce.. everyone mixes "loh" it as high as possible to bring good fortune in career and business especially. money come. money come!!!

My girl in her yellow cheong sam.. with cousin alicia.. kids can get away with showing a bit of panty! hehe ;-)

Grandparents n mid this year there will be 2 new additions!

The Koh Family Clan... alex, jo, alicia, jordan, scott, michelle, dad, mum, steeve in front, me, martin n of course besra.. ;-)

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