Sunday, April 19, 2009

Lanner Hon-Yang Wiles, 2.95kg, 17.4.09

Hi! As most of you will have known by now, the stork has once again arrived damn early! 5 weeks to be precise as Lanner was 34 weeks and almost twice what Besra was at 32 weeks (1.8kgs). Basically, i dont have much time to write as i'm using a friend's computer but here is the short version.

Last friday, 2.30pm had a scan with doc after 1 weeks rest, doc said keep it in for 2 weeks more, he's going for a conference right after our appointment anyway so he wont be around. jokingly, we discussed another doctOr: Dr. Felice who will be on standby.

5pm had some tea n buns with good friend Aloysia on the way home.

6pm reached home. puked my guts out n went to lie down.

6.30pm water broke... yikes! jumped in car with martin.

7.40pm arrived in kk specialist centre... contractions 3 mins apart and *&^%ing painful! (yeah yeah, now i know how it feels)

7.59pm Lanner enters the world helped thankfully by Dr. lovely lil cherub is here!

Next day, discharged and home now.

All is safe n well. thanks to all the well-wishers, hugs to everyone and will try to update blog when i can as i have no internet connection at home. all i can say is, thank goodness he's safe n happy n healthy, and i dont have to lug around the load anymore (was really killing me!) and most importantly, FACTORY IS CLOSED! i seriously can't take the constant puking! hehe. ;-)



tiee said...

Wow...congratz dear mama! 2.95kg is still small. u r lucky indeed. Happy zzzzzz....zzzzzz :P

Perry R. Lim said...

Another early bird! You sure them doctors getting those calculations right? :)

Congrats to you and Martin on another new round of parenthood from scratch!

ming.... said...


Lili said...

gambar mana? where? weh-eh? kicik sangat la...congrats babes.