Monday, April 06, 2009

The weekend that was..

Hey peeps.. i'm happy to report that all is well in the wiles' household. ;-) been a crazy week cos i'm still doing uni lectures 3 times a week but this week is the last for the semester... ooooooo cant wait for all that free time to shove my legs up in the air on the couch n watch tv till i'm so bored of it. haha.. knowing me, staying home so much will soon annoy my free-spiritedness... i am a bird after all, an ambitious swallow ascending to greater n greater heights all the time, or so i like to imagine. ;-)

scanned baby lanner last sat. the previous visit i only put on 100g in 2 weeks while baby jumped from 1.7 to 2kgs. so in a way i lost weight. this time, in two weeks... drum roll pls.. i chalked up 2.9kgs! yikes! baby also went from 2kgs to 2.4kg. i feel like a stretched rubber band that's about to snap.. sighs.. ;-) grrrrrr men r just so lucky they dont have to endure pregnancy! ah well.. the sacrifices of motherhood huh... been doing lots of shopping for baby lanner.. marji our nanny is adamant that baby needs all white stuff.. so she can see the dirt... sighs, i guess i gotta please her since she is staying to look after my babies... dunno what i would do without her! she's a real godsend, me i'm just the baby carraige! hehe...

this week at school will be hectic.. i'm training the school's english debate team. the other schools got wind that i'm now in this new school, so they are psychologically terrorised.. hehe.. blame my colourful past as a 2 time teachers level national champion experience. hehe... so hopefully, they can at least win one round cos we got a bye for the first round. if they win in the semis, then at least we are guaranteed 1st or 2nd place at the finals on Wed... everyone, need you to cross your fingers for us! hehehe...

anyway, this blimp is gonna sign out now. hugs to everyone!

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