Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Preterm Labour Scare... again!

It seems that everytime there is a holiday (Easter!) round the corner my body makes it a priority to get messed up! last week i was on a high because my very own English Language Debate team for SMK Majakir (my beloved school) made history by beating all the other schools in the Papar district to emerge as champions! plus we got best speaker... needless to say, my girls were absolutely brilliant! ;-) anyway, that was wednesday, on thurs i was puking my guts out relatively every 3 hrs for more than 24hrs and i suppose this confused my system as by thurs night i was in pain... preterm labour pain! i was feeling contractions but only at the top of my belly and as the baby hasnt engaged, my below the belt bits felt fine. anyway called my doc n he said to go the the govt hosp cos at 33 weeks if i go into labour there's nothing much he can do. (bes as born at the govt hosp too cos she was 32 weeks, 2 mths premature... the cycle repeats itself- well almost!)

anyway, i get there... and this is the emergency unit! took them 40 mins to register me, 20 mins for a nurse to bother with the basics, and another 20 mins before a doc even spoke to me. and who do i get? a bloody useless doc who was utterly rude to me. he kept demanding for my medic card, and cos i didnt have one (it was an emergency afterall!) he kept making an issue of why i didnt just go back to my specialist and why was it that my own doc couldnt handle the matter. basically he was being the typical idiotic malay (sorry to have to say it!) scumbag, with his huffy tone. so i told him that if he didnt want to treat me i'll go to my specialist. then i called my doc and told him to meet me at his ward and i dressed and left the useless emergency unit after telling the nurse what a jerk the doc was.

anyway, i was in pain, and in tears at being treated so rudely and i complained to my doctor.. he gave me meds and put me on a drip and ordered me to stay the night and all was getting better... dr sarva is indeed a star! as soon as i was being dealt with comfortably, he picks up the phone and bombards the likas hospital head of department and they started investigations.
by 6am the next morning the contractions and vomiting had subsided and by 8am doc came by with an sms from the head of department apologising profusely to me. apparently the doctor in question was unhappy abt doing more clerical work cos i had no medical card and he did insist that i return to my specialist which he shouldnt have done. anyway, that silly guy is now on 4 months extra probation which means he'll be counting the days from now on and reminding himself that he should never ever be rude to any patient! these people take the hippocrates oath, promising to cure the ill and protect life.. but what does he do, stand around complaining while i'm in pain: can u believe that 1.5 hrs after arriving at the emergency unit no one had given me anything for the pain?! grrrrrr

anyway, all's well again, i'm on medical leave for the whole of this week. baby keeps hardening and i'm getting very uncomfortable...gosh i really do need a fast forward button! haha... anyway, hopefully Lanner will want to pop out as soon as i reach my 35th week.. i dont think i want to stay pregnant until the end of the term which is the 39th or 40th week... i really think i'll burst by then!

anyway, going to lie down now... sighs.. scan on fri so will update later. hugs to all!


Eric Constantine said...

didn't know that preterm labour can be quite tormenting.

congrats to ur school for emerging champion in the debate competition. surely, the 'real Queen' was there to assist them.

tiee said...

oh poor u. Never go there again. That's y i didn't. The way that doc treated u was unforgiveable. So glad u r well again. Make sure u get enuf rest so that u can go deliver in private clinic. U r a superwoman! Dont worry. Congratz again 4 ur debate team.

ash said...

You were right good on you girl. That's my feisty never say die Audrey *Hugs*. Don't be in such a hurry let Lanner take his time. He'll come when he comes.Love you