Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Besra's 3rd!

My girl is a very lucky lil chick.. ;-) she's 3 now, and she's had a birthday celebration for each one. hehe.. so many people love my lil girl, and it shows. :-P had a great turn out... with lots of food, beer, pizza, cake (thanks steeve n jo!), desserts (choc brownies n peaches n cream! yum), water guns and paddle pools.. and the huge playground in front of our apartment too.. ;-)

Mommy loves her lil girl! Kiss kiss.. n here's a shot of her licking her knife.. haha, jordan, her cousin refused to eat the cake after that, but hey, it's besra's cake afterall..she can do whatever she likes with it! hehe

This pressie was from luvy... bes got tons of dresses, accessories and some great toys and educational stuff.. ;-) she's one lucky gal! Thanks ya'all for the lovely wishes n your great company! Besra will look back one of these days n remember how everyone loves her so.

This is me on my balcony with jordan, sis in law jo, and super Ericman.. hehe... we had great laughs that day, esp gossiping with paul n mior about a certain fella.. boy we're bad! but we're so good at being bad, right eric?!

And here's besra n the kids having a splashing good time in the paddle pools.. weeeee!!!

She does like her posing doesnt she! hehehehe... happy birthday again, my sweet angel Besra!


PengPeng彬彬 said...

what a lovely party. Bes is one lucky girl indeed :)

ps : they grow up so quickly don't they ? I remember when my niece was just an ickle baby and now she's in primary 1 !!

ash said...

I bet Ryan wouldn't recognize the baby he once tried to 'help feed'. What a lovely young lady. Lucky girl Besra indeed.

Bea said...

heheh you need a bigger pool!!!! lol...she's sooooo cute!

SJB said...

Happy Birthday to Besra!!. Mummy, u make her day..

Doria Robert Kawen said...

Happy bday darling Besra.
She is so happy..cute girl.
and u are a great mummy..bravo!

Eric Constantine said...

superb b'day party with gossip spices ..... love the pizza...yummy ..and of course, Audrey's natural and spontaneous jokes..

tiee said...

We had a blast too. Happy bday to Besra again.