Tuesday, October 13, 2009

random pics.. ;-)

This is what lanner does esp in the wee hrs of the morning when i'd rather be sleeping! hehe.. ain't he adora-bubble?!?! he has taken to flippin onto his belly with ease now, and spends most of the time bobbin his head up n down n giggling.. haha.. i've got a giggler for a baby.. thank god not a crypot! ;-) can u resist his smile? i know i can't! love u lanner!

dropped by the workshop yesterday, and saw my car.. most of the work is done (phewwww!) but still has to be resprayed and realigned. also some minor touch-ups and change of windshield cos sometime in the past a rock hit it and it has a crack. luckily i hv windshield cover but i pay 60 bucks for it annually and the cover is only 400.. hah! kena tipu.. after this i wont buy windshield cover anymore. bikin kaya insurans kompani oni! hehehehe.. anyway, come home soon vroom-vroom.. mommy misses ya like u couldnt believe!
came home late last night after a wonderful meal n chat with longtime school friend Jenny.. had cake in secret recipe which was quite terrible (the tiramisu was a heavy as lead!). anyway, when i got home i baked two carrot cakes with yummy cheese frosting and rainbow sprinkles. one was for a makan-makan (eat-eat) session in the school staffroom and the other was for my lovely colleague Zainah who let me hv her car from sat till tues.. sighs.. dunno where i'd be without good friends like her, so baking a cake in return for her kindness and compassion is a small matter!
this last pic i couldnt resist! another bit of ranting to add to my previous blog! haha... if u look closely enough, there's a giraffe head painted on the human carrier box thingy at the top of the crane.. and the crane itself is painted in giraffe spots n colours! how cute is that... the ranting part starts now so tune out if u dont wanna listen! stupid sabah govt spent tons of taxpayers money on stupid blinky lights in the shape of fake palm trees.. in the middle of the roundabout. one stupid fake palm lamp post is purported to cost around 100,000 bucks! i could be wrong it could be 10,000.. but it's still money right!!! n what are they doin here? mr giraffe is having a fun time ripping out the old blinky lights post.. no doubt to be binned before installing yet another horrific and money-wasting, privelleged contractor's pocket-lining scheme of a lamp post.. i wonder what shape or form it will be in next... an orangutan!?!?!?!?? thus ends my rant of the day. hehe.. sorry!


Bea said...

lol... I want to see that!!! A lamp post that looks like an orangutan!!!sigh! I hate looking at the stupid lamp post when I used to drive home and I hate the silly purple and green lights shining up the trees! sooooo eerie at 2am in the morning!!!!!!! btw, luv ya! and give the kids a kiss from me pls! I am kids deprived!!!!

ash said...

Well they spend RM10k on it and claim RM100k. Good to see your vroom vroom is almost done. Don't skip the windshield cover. It's just RM60 but 'just in case' . And REMEMBER to do the thing I called you about. Don't sit on your arse with this. Do it ASAP Chop Chop

SJB said...

hehehe, ya i see the giraffe head. Anyway, all the government u can call "stupid", they love to spend all the money for stupid thing. (*_*).