Saturday, October 31, 2009

Goodbye Mr. Loh... wish me luck Sir!

My boss n I, for the last time as Majakirians.. *sniff sob
Today has been a day of mixed emotions. Happy that we celebrated our annual lunch for my school in a posh hotel (newly renovated palace hotel).. but it is also the last day of service for my principal Mr. Loh Kok Cheang (Pengetua Cemerlang). He will be moving on to another school called SMK Tebobon. as you all might remember, last year was a horrendous one for me where i was kicked around and treated like absolute dirt. mr loh came to my rescue and saved the day for me.. but now he's going away, and gosh.. this will be my third time facing a new principal. no one knows who it will be... will it be another fanatic nightmare of a man/woman? only time will tell... so wish me luck Sir and everyone out there.
We had a graduation ceremony... can u spot me? ;-)

I wrote him a poem and i think i'll post it here so that when i look back, i will always remember how much i owed him, and what i promised him. This is dedicated to an inspirational leader.. Mr. Loh Koh Cheang.

In my darkest hour
there was a glimmer of light
piercing into my cave of despair
when the waves of woe
threatened to flood this cavernous dungeon
you became my beacon of hope
saved me from being helplessly swept away
on the tumultuous tide of remorse
rescued my weak heart from its drowning fate
when you reached out your steadying hand
and righted me against the tempestuous winds
that were beating my sorry spirit down..

Oh how the clouds of doubt magically cleared
and the flamboyant rainbow burst
into a colourful song of hope chorused by
the golden tune of sunrays dancing gaily
on the canvass of a pristine sky
orchestrating my life's new beginning
the rebirth of a fallen soul.

Thank you is a drop in the ocean,
gratitude is too feeble a word
gratefulness cannot contain the depths
of my sincerest appreciation
mere words seem lost in translation.

So in return..
I pledge to rise above the limits of myself
as you have led by example
and I shall bear the torch forward
lending my humble candlelight
so it may fire others into action
propelling them forward to meet
their flaming destiny
as you have had a fated hand
in shaping mine.


escape2 said...

gosh, everyone's year-end dinner is so posh.
good luck....if you need it for the new principal;)
dun worry, u are da best

tiee said...

Wow...what a great poem. Very inspirational and beautiful. Maybe we should try to learn that in our english language syllabus. :-) Oh my, so u wil have a new boss! Gosh,i understand the feeling. hopefully u'll get a great one.

Doria Robert Kawen said...

nice poem..sob sob sob

we might have a new one if ours get his transfer too..and if I got mine, I'll be working under a new boss!! Yikes!

Perry R. Lim said...

not sure if it's true, but sources tell me it's my ex-principal that's going over to your school.

great poem btw.

ash said...

Keep us updated on the new boss. Take heart that you've been through such s*** you can handle anything now. The poem's lovely. Do you remember one you wrote 15 years ago about your nose? :P

PengPeng彬彬 said...

what lovely poem straight from your heart. a nice way to show your gratitude.

i won't worry too much about the new boss. not everyone is as bad as the last 'witch' you had to face.

good luck.

Audrey Wiles said...

thanks for the lovely comments guys.. it just flowed from my pen, dunno how i did it! hehe..

tiee, haha that's a great idea, how do i get it noticed huh?

doria, good luck for your transfer.. hope you'll be reunited soon!

perry.. i heard something abt that too.. strict guy or woman? hope it's a guy!

ash... haha u hv an excellent memory compared to mine cos i remember nothing abt this nose poem. knowing me, i probably wrote that it just sits in the middle of my face not doing anything. lol.

hug for all!