Sunday, October 25, 2009

Couldnt resist!

I was driving to work on fri and saw this amazing cloud... it looked like a shopping mall... haha. the sky was super blue and all the clouds decided they wanted to be huddled together, rising up from the ground with a swirl of straightness at the top as if to even out the building like shape. who can explain to me the name and type of cloud this is? omnibus? succubus? hehe i hv no blinkin idea! hehe..
anyway, cloud aside, this is the general view on the way to school. living in the suburbs means greenery all around accented by a few houses sporadically arranged along the main road and amongst flourishing rice fields.. i drive by it so often that the calming beauty and peace of the kampung lifestlye is rarely appreciated.. so here i am blogging about it, so that the kl-lites can go green with envy of my polutant-free zone.. and then for u guys to snigger that the big city girl audrey has finally ended up as a kampung chick (village girl)! interesting how life turns out eh!!!
and now for the continuation of my unending public works rant.. haha.. or in this case, private works. friday i went to the mall with good friend ainul, and my right heel slams into a tile that's jutting out... needless to say a lot of expletives entailed and i huffed n puffed away from the danger zone.. lo and behold, whaddaya know, the very next day i'm back at the mall (where i teach adult english classes at college in case you're wondering, not that i'm a shoppaholic!).. and there are actually people fixing the tiles at the crime scene which nearly took off my right foot! hehehe.. well, well, well.. whatddaya know!

anyway, i was reading the papers.. and the local daily actually printed this ad. and i bet they didnt think twice abt it, cos it's probably what the locals say! hehhehe... can u believe it?? 100 TAILS??? for those not in the know, in the malay language we have what is called 'penjodoh bilangan' which helps quantify the item. we also have it in english... like a 'bunch' of flowers, and a 'pack' of cards. i must say they r more creative in malay as they say things like a 'comb' of bananas and in this case, 100 'tails' (ekor) of deer! i'd blame the bloody malays for their direct translation.. but hey, it was posted by Mr Liew, aka mr chinaman! hahah... so who's to blame for this abuse of the english language??? hehehehehhehee... i dunno!

anyway, it's besra's 3rd birthday tomorrow but we're celebrating early as in 3pm today only cos sundays are more convenient. hving a pizza party. have already prepared peaces and cream... and chocolate brownies.. will do the pizza base just before the party. also having spaghetti and hot sandwiches stuffed with salami n melted cheese! hehehe.. anyone wants a tapau (take away)? ;-) happy birthday girl! mommy n daddy love you to bits n back!


Eric Constantine said...

lol...funny post... love the 'tails' ...

ash said...

Erm and succubus is... ^_^