Wednesday, October 21, 2009

princess n the orchids.. ;-)

seems like my world has gone from complete madness n chaos to starting to be aligned again. planets are not fully aligned yet, but getting there. car is finally fixed. orchids are blooming, lanner just celebrated his 6 mth birthday... and daddy blessed him by anointing him with some ice cold guiness on his lil forehead.. ;-) before polishing off the bottle himself! besra will be 3 years old soon.. and on sunday we'll hv a small pizza party for her. lol.. she demanded to hv the same cake as last year, but this time she wants 'Two Mickey MouseS, mommy' and i didnt hv the heart to correct her plural error.. she'll learn in time. hehe.. just like i dont drill her with her ABCs so much, eventually she'll learn it and she'll prefer the time when she didnt hve to learn how to read n write. lol.. now is the time for her to be an innocent and naive child... !

as for me, i'm swamped with work.. but couldnt help dabbling with my blog today. hehe.. i've got new additions here on the right of the blog.. how cute is that? its called a 'lilypie ticker' hehe..

this month has been super busy and will continue being so for some time to come. just so that i dont forget, i'm going to list it down. so far this month i've conducted a seminar for post pmr creative writing (they successfully wrote their own poems!), a pre-muet intensive speaking workshop just last monday, on the 29th i will run a conversational english course for the teachers of sk st. joseph, hv my regular adult classes every weekend at amc college, and on the 5th of nov will be doing a full day workshop for teachers on Newspapers in Education organised by a local daily and the education dept. gosh my plate is full... ;-) but being needed and wanted and appreciated is so much more rewarding and heartwarming than what i was feeling last year, kicked around like a deflated unwanted useless football who's seen better days. well, u know what they say, once u hit rock bottom, there isnt anywhere else to go but up.
martin is back to strimming the land everyday. it looks more like the wild jungle cos it's been left untended for months.. but he's slowly but surely getting it back under control. we have people working on the electrics..but will hv to wait n see if it can be completed soon enough. time is running out cos roly n his son elliot are coming to visit from england in 2 weeks, and the plan was to move in before they arrive. slim chance if u ask me. anyway, will hv to wait n see.

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SJB said...

She so adorable. Oh the ladybug dress, love it (*_*). Anyway, good luck with your new house.